Video analytics for violence, fight and bullying detection.

AI-powered modular solution for your Video Management System
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The usage of CCTV is increasingly booming however their effectiveness is questionable.
The Challenge
With so many surveillance cameras having been installed, the market demand for intelligent violence and bullying detection is continuously growing. Unfortunately the footage is usually used only hours or even days after the incident has already happened, which sometimes could cost life.

The security staff and operators face the challenging task of monitoring crowded events and mass riots for outbreaks of violence. Consequently, since they have to deal with the huge amount of data it can make this human supervision simply unreliable.
Modern video surveillance systems mainly work with photos, which limits the accuracy and quality of analytics.

The Vedo module focuses on pose tracking analysis in real-time. This approach makes it possible to significantly increase detection and effectiveness.
The ultimate function of VEDO is to help security forces to prevent escalation of fights and violence though the analysis of body mechanics.
Our AI-powered modular solution can be integrated into your video analytics system to ensure public safety and accident prevention that could lead to serious physical and psychological injuries or even death through real-time detection of violent actions and its further automatic security alerting.

By means of computer vision the VEDO module detects abnormal incidents through real-time motion analysis and then processes this input dataset to achieve violence recognition.

In the event of suspicious social interaction patterns the module sends alerts and saves the precise content for its further moderation.
Pose tracking
VedoVision is originally based on the algorithms of the AI-powered module for fitness application Tensorfit. The implemented technology visually-enables the phone's camera to analyze and understand the body mechanics.

How it works?
System process visual data through IP camera
Module receives video footage directly from camera or through VMS system.
AI module generates motion and behaviour analysis
By analysing motion and behaviour features the module seeks for violations without keeping any sensitive data.
System alerts in the event of suspicious detection
In the event of detection of prohibited actions within the monitored area, the system sends an alert-notification in real time to any device integrated with the VMS.

AI-powered modular solution for public sector
Being an easy scalable solution module VEDO could be applied in various industries starting from government entities and retail to healthcare and military sector.
Airports and border crossing spots
Public events
Educational institutions
Shopping centres and entertainment areas
Why Vedo
An easy solution that makes peoples' lives safer
Easy integration
This AI-powered violence detection module can be easily integrated with any type of security and internal management systems.
White label solution
Ready-made and fully integrated module can be easily upgraded for your branding and identity.
Customized reports and diagrams
The module detects the motion information and creates summary reports in the most convenient for you way and process it further
Sensitive data protection
In the event of detection of prohibited actions within the monitored area, the system collects only incidents details without keeping any sensitive and personal data.
How much does it cost?
We’ve prepared two different plans for your convenience
  • +
  • System runs on your server
  • You pay once without additional cost
  • The network is not overloaded with outgoing traffic
  • -

Additional equipment and integration cost
  • System update requires additional integrational cost
$200 / per camera
Monthly subscription
  • +
  • System runs on a cloud server
  • Real-time model training on-site using your input dataset
  • No cost for equipment (server with GPU)
  • -
  • High load for internal infrastructure
  • High price for large camera parks
$100/per camera
We provide special deals for SYSTEM INTEGRATORS
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